Netapp SV-SMVI

SV-SMVI provides basic SnapVault functionality in combination with NetApp and VMware consistent backups created through the Backup and Restore section of NetApp’s Virtual Storage Console (VSC), formerly known as SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure (SMVI). Some customers require the use of SnapVault instead of SnapMirror, and SV-SMVI can perform the identification and replication process for specific VSC/SMVI backup sets.

Download from the Netapp communities:


  • unpack the sv-smvi zip file to \\vcenter\c$\Program Files\NetApp\sv-smvi\
  • Copy the following lines into \\vcenter\c$\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\smvi\server\scripts\sv-smvi.cmd
rem script to be run from VSC/SMVI
rem --- params ---
set vscuser=myuser
set cryptpasswd=53616c7465645f5f1120fb3eae068a4efa9223bb16b4fae1b49c4bccd2453fa9
set sv-smvi-path=C:\Program Files\NetApp\sv-smvi\

rem to create encrypted password:
rem sv-smvi.exe -cryptpasswd

rem --- script ---
"%sv-smvi-path%\sv-smvi.exe" -svuser %vscuser% -svcryptpasswd %cryptpasswd%
  • change the username and password hash in the script to the appropriate account
  • add the script to the SMVI backup job



  • the parameter -https does not seem to work! the filer must have http (without ssl) enabled!
    options httpd.admin.enable on

    if there are errors or problems, enable the log file. by default, there is no log!
    add the following parameters to enable logging:

    -report -reportdir c:\temp


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