IBM Netfinity 3000

Netfinity 3000

Model: 8476-50X
Year: 1999
CPU: Pentium 3, 500Mhz
RAM: 192MB ECC (max 384MB)
Disks: 2x SCSI 18GB
other: Floppy, CD-Rom, DAT Tape

We sold quite a few of those little IBM servers. If I remember correctly we installed WinNT 4 on most of those. They are quite heavy, but fortunately they have a handle on top to carry them. It can be opened without tools but with a (golden) key. There are 3 PCI and 3 ISA slots available, mounted upside down on a riser card. Ethernet is onboard, as is the graphics card. The CMOS battery is an easily replacable CR2032 3V. There are only two slots for the harddisks, but they are easily reachable even with short SCSI cables. Inside the side panel there’s a big sticker with the mainboard layout, RAM configuration and CPU switches.

The mainboard can be removed by unscrewing the bottom of the server!
First remove the two feet on the back. Then unscrew the two screws below the feet. Now the bottom of the server can be removed. Below the mainboard there’s a lever, pull that to release the mainboard. Slide it down to completly remove it from the case. No need to remove the PCI/ISA cards, as they are connected to the riser and not directly to the mainboard, nor are the power cables. Good design!

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